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Anchor Homes:

New Beginnings purchased homes to rehab in 2012 through the stimulus funds that came to Reno County/City of Hutchinson.  A criterion for an Anchor Home is that they are located in neighborhoods: 

  • Identifiable as a neighborhood

  • The house is bringing other homes in the neighborhood down in value or

  • Values are increasing due to homeowner investments into their properties


Once rehabilitated, these houses become anchors in neighborhoods through their ability to weather time, maintain affordability, and create resources centers for up to 20 years. They remain affordable due to:

  • An initial investment of new, near new (if replaced recently before sale) or upgrades to basic components such as HVAC systems, roofs, siding, plumbing, electrical, and appliances

  • Investment in energy conservation resources such as more insulation, high efficiency HVAC, energy star appliances, and water conservation

  • Assuring that the cost of housing is no more than 30% of a person or family’s income

This rehab project provided paying jobs for people coming through our programs.  They remain rentals at affordable rents.  This program is being combined with New Beginnings Jobs Program and is a NB Social Enterprise.

1020 College Lane

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829 Sherman

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301 Carpenter

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