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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long can I stay at NOEL Lodge?

Noel Lodge

NOEL Lodge is an emergency shelter and should not be viewed as a long-term solution. Guests may stay at NOEL Lodge for up to 30 nights.

Q. What time should I be at the Lodge?

NOEL Lodge is a first come/first serve shelter. You may line up after 4:00 pm.

Q. How late can I check in at the Lodge?

Check in ends at 7:00 pm each night. Only those brought in by law enforcement or clergy will be admitted after 7:00 pm.

Q. Once I check in, can I leave?

Once a guest is checked in, they will need to stay inside the facility to ensure they have a bed for the night. If a guest leaves the facility after checking in, the guest will forfeit the opportunity to stay at NOEL Lodge for 3 nights.

Q. Can I smoke in Noel Lodge?

There is no smoking inside NOEL Lodge or on any New Beginnings Inc. properties. Two smoke breaks will be given each night just off of the property. Those found smoking on the property will be given a notice of no return.

Q. What should I bring with me?

All personal belongings are locked up for the night. You can retrieve your belongings before you leave. Lodge staff will supply you with two meals and hygiene supplies. Items not allowed: weapons of any kind, narcotic medications without a prescription, illegal drugs and alcohol of any kind.

Q. Can I stay in the same room as my boyfriend or girlfriend?

If there is enough space, couples will be roomed together. If not, families will have priority.

Q. Can I bring my dog/cat?

If your dog/cat is a documented service animal and you have documentation showing up to date shots, you may bring the animal. It must be crated for the night.

Q. What are the rules of NOEL Lodge?

The staff will go over the rules with guests when the guest checks in.

Q. Can I do my laundry at NOEL Lodge?

The staff will wash one change of clothing for guests during the night and have the clothing ready for guests in the morning.

Transitional Housing

Q.  How do I get into Transitional Housing?

     You may set an appointment with the housing specialist by emailing or calling 620-314-5611.


Q.  How long can I stay in Transitional Housing?

      The Crisis Transitional Housing program (phase I of the Transitional Housing process)

       is up to 6 months. The Basic Transitional Housing (the next phase) is up to 12 months

       for a maximum of 18 months.


Q. Does Transitional Housing Cost?

       The first two months of the Crisis program there are no charges. Program fees for the

        remaining months in either program are dependent on the size of the apartment.


Q.  Can I smoke in Transitional Housing?

       There is no smoking on New Beginnings properties but there are designated smoking



Q.  How do I hire cleaning, make ready for rentals, maintenance, and lawn care?


                Contact the Transitional Jobs Program director at 620-314-8285.


Q.  How do I look at a property for rent?

                    Click here for more information.

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