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On the move...

Jerome Bernard, Manager of Noel Lodge, moved to Hutchinson for the same new start as sought by those who receive assistance through New Beginnings. Jerome is intimately familiar with the challenges faced by the displaced, having grown up in a battered women’s shelter in Chicago, IL. As a person in recovery, Jerome also spent time in the emergency shelters of Colorado. Jerome uses these life experiences to guide and assist those who are facing the challenges he has overcome in a compassionate manner. When not serving the community, Jerome enjoys spending time with friends and is a talented vocalist. Jerome uses compassion-based principles to guide and assist those in crisis and has brought valuable lived experience to the shelter and its guests.

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Kylee Branton is the daytime staff for Noel Lodge extended hours, and hails from Hutchinson originally. As a person in recovery, Kylee finds service work and helping others to be a crucial part of her recovery and faith. When not serving the community, Kylee enjoys spending time with staff, doing crafts, and enjoying time with her son, Denver, and her cat, Daisy. Kylee assists Noel Lodge guests with setting and achieving goals daily in order to meet their needs and find long term solutions for housing and work. Kylee uses her compassion based principles learned from her background as a medical professional to guide guests to continue pushing forward in achieving these goals.


Meet Lana McCarthy, New Beginnings Life Coach at Fox Run Transitional shelter. Lana shares that "Offering hope while coaching individuals to find their needs, overcome barriers, set goals and determine their strengths is very rewarding. Using patience to rebuild human lives comes from a family of like-minded peers who love and assist each other is what brought me to New Beginnings."


Meet Tyronne Woodson, New Beginnings Facility Manager at Fox Run Transitional Shelter.  Tyronne is a "proud family man, Christian and US Veteran."  Tyronne brings with him "core values of dedication, loyalty and commitment to help Hutchinson and New Beginnings build a better tomorrow.

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